How to Get Things Done on Friday Afternoon

September 10, 2017

FridayThe tendency to check out early around 3:00 pm on a Friday afternoon is more common than you think. In fact, experts say that our bodies naturally release hormones known as melatonin which causes us to feel sleepy around 2:00 pm. That groggy feeling is amplified on Fridays. The people who are the most effective in the office tend to approach Friday a little differently however.  Since there’s still valuable time left in the day, they choose to make use of it and power through the funk. Here’s what they’re doing after lunch. You may want to take notes.

Creating the BEST to-do list for the following week

A great Friday afternoon starts with an even better to-do list. Use this time to get ahead by creating a master to-do list of what you want to do next week. Then categorize that list by time sensitivity and priority. From there, schedule each task by urgency. Prioritization is an instrumental part of execution.

Tracking their progress on projects

Pull out your current to-do list and start to check things off and update the status of each task. When executing any project, taking some time to plan will greatly minimize issues in the future. This will help you feel better prepared to execute that master list on Monday morning, instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy Mondays a little more?

Tying up the loose ends

 Now it’s time to get a move on some of those outstanding tasks from your to-do list. Two hours left in the work day may not be enough time to complete everything, but it certainly is enough time to start. Refer to your current to-do list and begin to tackle the tasks that take the least amount of time so that no assignment is left behind. Avoid developing the habit of pushing projects to the following week when they can be completed today.

Organizing, deputizing and Supervising

This tip comes straight from the mouth of Dale Carnegie. That master list you made should help you create a delegation roadmap. Use those last few hours of Friday afternoon to delegate, deputize and supervise your team. Check in with them and see where they need help.

Developing the habit of using Fridays to get organized will make a world of a difference in productivity throughout the week. Start to view your Friday afternoon as a time dedicated to writing things down, creating timelines and meeting deadlines.  Our Dale Carnegie Training Courses can show you ways to be more productive at work. Through the program you’ll be provided with hands-on training that’ll help you make your work week easier. If you’re ready to conquer Fridays, check one more thing off your to-do list and get registered!

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